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tips that will help you trick your opponents into Poker

Get simple tips that will help you trick your opponents into playing Texas holdem or any other poker game.

When playing any game of
poker and especially Texas Holdem, playing bluff to win is a must, but a risky one. If you do it well, you win, if you do it badly, you lose. At first glance, it might seem like a worthwhile opportunity, but it's not. Unless you can cheat like a pro and unless the conditions are right, don't cheat. Remember, if caught in Texas Holdem, you will not only lose, but also lose a large amount of money.

1) Check to see that the pool of players for the bet is small. The biggest reason why you should do this is that it's easier to fool a small group than a large one. Another possible issue is that if many players are, some of them may be simply stupid and not fully understand the true extent of your scam. In either case, keep in mind that it is harder for a large group to be cheated. Don't argue. It is as simple as that.

3) If you are in last place in front of the dealer and no one has raised the bigger hand then whoever has raised 4th hand so far. fun88 This will let other players know you have a strong hand, and since no one raised their hand in the last round, it means they are not confident in their hand or they are hoping to get the hand. The cards they need in the next round, and making a big bet here might change their mind about holding the hand, but don't make a ridiculously big bet as good players at the table will see through you and will call you a hoax.

c) The seat is crucial for scams. If you are the first player to play Texas Holdem having to make a decision, or if you are the last player to make a decision, you have the upper hand over the rest of the players. If you sit from the start, you can terrorize the rest with a big bet when the Holdem Dealer asks you to take your action. Big bets placed at the start of the round will scare off players with small hands and leave you with only a select few. Likewise, if you are the last player in the row, you are in the best position to know which players are willing to bet and which are not. If a player continues the game without increasing their stake, this is your chance. Raise the bet. Most will drop out because their cards are not good enough.

4) The best time to bluff is right after you have won a big round, when someone forces you to reveal your hand and you've revealed a strong hand. All the players around will begin to look at you with respect. Exactly this is the time to attack and be bluff in the next round while they are still tired against you and the cards you hold. If possible, give this Texas hold'em a try the way you did before and this will completely confuse them.

e) Since you are playing Texas Holdem, pay attention to the cards the dealer places face down on the poker table. If you find that the down cards form a weak pair, then start playing. Others will think you have cards to form a trio and will fearfully retreat.

f) Just like in other games, you must memorize the opponent's play style. Some will hesitate, some will bet always while others will think and then perform their actions confidently. What you have to do is find specific players who are playing Texas Holdem carefully without taking any risk. These are ways that you can cheat and make them fold your card even if your card number is zero.


Lying is not much different from lying on a test or with friends. If you are a good liar, you will be able to lie a lot more confidently than others. But you need to reduce the degree of lying because in life people tend to trust you, in Texas Hold'em, players tend to not trust you.

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