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What kind of Poker do you like best?

What kind of poker are you best at?

There is no quick way to find out and keeping only the poker stats can help. As for the math wizard, you can do this manually and make sure you never forget the game.
And Fun88 makes it easy for you to join the immersive game play in our online casino in any way that it suits you – be it via your browser, or via the mobile app made for Android and iOS without any loss in experience. Not to miss, safe and secure banking and 24-hour customer support via all modes of telephone, email and chat to ensure you enjoy playing poker easily.

Once you know what poker you are good at, you will be able to answer another important question: Why do you always win in one variation of poker and often lose in another? Is it because you've mastered the technical aspects of the game? Or is it because you simply don't care about the human side of poker? The technical skills of poker involve mastery of poker math, such as pot odds. Human skills involve deception and can modify play styles.

You will find that poker players have different opinions about which of these two skills is more important. Many poker blogs are dedicated to their theory. However, these are individual theories about skills and games that you might want to test.

In Longhand Limit Hold'em, a poker player's most important advantage is his skill. The winner must be patient and understand the value of the hand. Your people skills won't contribute much to your victory. It's hard to cheat and it's useless to read your opponent because many hands reach the showdown. Pot odds produce a river fold making a river bend extremely lucky.

Your hitting skill will be more useful in Speed ​​Limit Hold as more tricks are done than Long Hand Limit Hold. A winner in a Shorthand Limit Hold'em game knows exactly when to intensify aggression and when to lower heels. But you must not forget that it is still a limit to keep'em poker. Mastering odds is still an important factor in winning bets.

To win Unlimited Hold'em requires both sound engineering and fairly precise hitting skills. Your technical abilities should include knowing when to call, raise, check or rush. Your human skills involve reading your opponent's style. If your opponent is timid, you can win and steal lots of pots by playing bluff. But you also have to know when to hurry if the other person is stubborn. If your opponent is reckless and loose, you can win by patiently waiting for that opportunity to trap them. Then, wipe them with one hand.

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If you have a "morale of gambling", you can withstand the huge hits in the Pot-Limit Omaha. The winner must also be good at avoiding tilting. Tilt is poor or extravagant play after losing big or winning against good players. In the Pot-Limit Omaha, you have to be an expert at dealing with your opponent and controlling yourself. Have fun.



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