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Tottenham caused the worst setback of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's reign as Manchester United manager when, led by his predecessor José Mourinho, they were easily won at Old Trafford. After conceding a penalty scored in the second minute by Bruno Fernandes, they quickly responded to take the lead at the seventh table - United's poor defense contributed to them doing so - and, After Anthony Martial's red card, they confused the opponent. Failure was also United's biggest defeat since Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement, and put them 16th in the Premier League; only West Brom are promoted and Fulham have a worse goal difference. Mourinho, who equalized his away from home victory as the Premier League manager, said: “To win 6-1 against Manchester United at Old Trafford is an honor for all of us. , in terms of the stature of Manchester United and Old Trafford. Joy is not a 6-1 score, joy is performance and three points we really need after our home defeat to Newcastle. Solskjaer said: “It is shameful, it hurts all the players. It hurts me as a manager. It was my worst day. I'll raise my hand, I'm responsible for this. I lost 5-0 to United and we lost 6-1. We've lost big results before and are always bounced back.

Ownership: Manchester United
Manchester United started with a familiar 4-2-3-1 formation, this time with Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matic in midfield for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Their away side, Tottenham, defended in a similar shape, as Serge Aurier and Sergio Reguilón retreated back on defense, and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg moved in with Moussa Sissoko in midfield.

From the start, they have been looking for a way to speed, from the moment Pogba and their full-backs move forward, and Matic will withdraw. Bruno Fernandes tries to operate between lines and combine with Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, and often bypass if control goes to Rashford or Greenwood, so he can come up with a pass. They did it by winning the penalty early, and eventually to Martial's 28th-minute red card. In addition to those compositions, United also played through Rashford and Greenwood's passes - most commonly via Fernandes - as they made the crossovers behind the Spurs full-back, or between those full-backs and center-back next to them.

Harry Kane has led the Spurs press, and in so doing, he tried to squeeze the pitch. If Man United succeeds in owning Matic or Pogba, Spurs will retreat into the middle. José Mourinho's side also set traps as United swept up from kicks; They prioritized Pogba encouraging United to play with Matic, then moved to squeeze him from both front and back to get the ball back. Doing so proved effective when they scored their third goal.
United tried to keep attacking after Martial's red card, but Spurs 'fourth goal proved the point at which they sought to eliminate Spurs' potential and focus on counter-attacking. Scott McTominay and Fred replaced Matic and Fernandes in an effort to maintain a neat and organized back-line, behind Rashford and Greenwood, who have potential in the transition.

Spurs continue to impress with a solid defense, even with a guaranteed victory. Their rebounds, during the defensive transition, remained consistent; Their attackers, midfielders and defenders also continued to contribute.

In possession: Tottenham
Tottenham is organized by coach José Mourinho into a 3-4-3 chart, with Davinson Sánchez, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and Eric Dier being the first team in an effort to build up the game. They face the home side playing defensively with a 4-4-2 formation.

Hojbjerg were encouraged to retreat into the defense so that Sánchez and Dier could move wider and, in turn, Serge Aurier and Sergio Reguilón could advance ahead of the three-on-two scheme Spurs offered against Manchester United's two fronts. By luring Mason Greenwood or Marcus Rashford forcing Sánchez or Dier, Aurier and Reguilón were able to take over with time and space or have drawn United's full-backs and thus created plenty of room for the forward trio in front of them.

Those movements are complemented by outer diagonal passes; Harry Kane also retreated into midfield, as Son Heung-min and Erik Lamela sought to intimidate United's defense, often stretching and annoying them, which Spurs capitalized on through tackles. If United refused to include Kane in midfield, he would team up with Tanguy Ndombele and Moussa Sissoko to create a trio on two, and potentially turn, attack and combine five-four in the third half. final.
After Anthony Martial was sacked, United initially and innocently attempted to pressure the trio Rashford, Greenwood and Bruno Fernandes, but Spurs consistently overcame that pressure with cross passes to their wide players , then an inside for Kane, forcing United to reorganize into a 4-4-1 mid-block. Mourinho's side defied a continued shift in play and, with that 4-4-1, more than United in the central areas of the pitch.

Diagonal runs by Son, Lamela and subsequent substitute Lucas Moura, often dragging Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Luke Shaw in, creating more space for Aurier and Reguilón, while also contributing Aurier advanced to where he scored his fifth goal. Fun88 Likewise, they are intimidated on the counter-counter, when they play the ball early behind their striker or out with their wide players.

For all that United were destroyed by Martial's red card, Spurs are technically and tactically superior. United, by comparison, indecisive, naive and erratic. The second half, Spurs played, intensified many cross passes to keep possession and slowed the game.


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